NBA Top 10 Power Rankings: Pacers Ahead Of The Pack

Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images Provided by ESPN

Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images
Provided by ESPN

Article Written By: Zachary L. Sabac

1) Indiana Pacers
-Their winning streak says it all. Starting off their season with an exclamation point, they put a mark in the league as one of the top elite-contending teams; though, they have yet to face LeBron and company on December 10th. Let us see if they can continue their streak till then!
2) San Antonio Spurs
-They’re fighting. Don’t be surprised to see them back in the finals again especially with last years finals disappointment against the Heat being used as fuel to keep them striving for more.
3) Oklahoma City Thunder
– With the return of Russell Westbrook you’d expect the team to be just as sharp. The team is young and explosive, yet, they need to work more on consistency… And maybe to hold back celebrating a little too early after last nights upset against the Warriors.
4) Miami Heat
– A good offense is a good defense. They have the ability to score at will with the big-three on their squad; however, the lost momentum when it comes to playing bad defense. They have the ability to be the best defensive team in the league but consistency is key.
5) Minnesota Timberwolves
-With Kevin Love arguably to be the best power forward in the league hasn’t lost his touch combined with the passing skills of the “Spanish Passion” Ricky Rubio, this team is hard to beat. Especially when you have someone like Corey Brewer to carry out the fast breaks.
6) Phoenix Suns
-“Twinsanity” has entered the building with the Morris brothers taking the spotlight with their exciting play making ability. Markeif (No. 11 NBA Draft Pick) averaging 22.8 points and 8.0 rebounds in a breakout week off the bench.
7) L.A. Clippers
-With all the talent in this team you’d expect them to be higher. As stated before, defense is key. Especially when you have two of the most explosive big-men in the NBA. With last nights upset against the Rockets, lets see if they can bounce back.
Houston Rockets
-Free throws, defense, and more free throws. Dwight Howard has been horrible shooting from the line, and when his back is towards the rim, it doesn’t get any better. Judging from last nights performance, putting up only 7 points, 15 boards, and 5 turn-overs. Although, they came out victorious.
9) Portland Trail Blazers
-Damian Lillard’s shot percentage has been decreasing. Whether it’s just the lack of consistency or confidence, he needs to bring it back up.
10) Golden State Warriors
-How about last nights game, huh? Andre Iguodala saves the day with a clutch shot! Still, they had a huge lead but c oming into the 4th quarter they looked lazy. Again, defense is key.

Article written by: Zachary Sabac

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