Monday Night NFC Showdown To Take No.1 Spot Through Week 13

Cincinnati Bengals v New Orleans Saintsfootball

Article Written By: Chris Bickman

Okay, this is it NFL fans! The biggest match up everyone has been dying to watch is only a week away on Monday Night Football on Dec. 2, 2013!! The 10-1 Seattle Seahawks against the 9-2 New Orleans Saints. However this showdown will take place in Seattle on CenturyLink Field where the Seahawks have been almost nearly invicible due to their outrageous fans of seattle naming them the 12th man. The Saints and Seahawks will look to battle for the No.1 Top spot in the NFC through week 13. Moreover, these two teams both seem to share a similarity in dominating the opposing teams on their home fields. Both teams have yet to lose a home game this season which can be critical for either team during their playoff run to Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Saints record in the last three meetings head to head against the seahawks is 2-1! Only this time they look to both fight for the top spot in the NFC. The most recent meeting was on January 11, 2011 where the defending champion saints fell in a nail biter to the 7-9 seahawks making them the first team ever to win a playoff game with a losing record. The Saints seek their revenge in week 13 by looking to be the first team to win where no team has been able to do all season. This should be a great game to look forward to and should be a hard fought battle to the NFC’s Top spot.

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