Devastating Blow For The Chicago Bulls 2013-2014 season


Article Written By: Chris Bickman

After what seemed to be a great start back for 3 time All-Star PG Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. His injury last night has seem to become a nightmare for the bulls this nba season. The former MVP went down in the 3rd quater last night against the Trail Blazers after losing his footing while changing direction trying to get back on defense. However, Rose had an MRI today showing that he has a torn meniscus in his right knee and is required to have surgery, Rose was listed out indefinetly with no time table for his return to his team on the court. Furthermore, Rose has suffered the past two season including the playoffs with a torn ACL in his left knee. Moreover, this is a huge blow for not only for the Chicago Bulls team but as well for the NBA fans who have been waiting to see Derrick Rose remarkable comeback season.The Bulls this season will have to weather the storm again like they did the past two season while they wait for their All-Star PG to return back to the team.

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