NCAA Football Rankings: Week 13

Article Written By: Tyler J. Barrett

It’s that time again, the BCS Standing are in. No surprise that Alabama, Florida State, and Ohio State held their positions as numbers 1, 2, and 3. After having the week off, Auburn got bumped up to number 4 from 6. Missouri jumped to number 5 from 8 after defeating Ole Miss(24). The biggest shockers this week were Oregon losing to Arizona and Baylor losing to Oklahoma St. Oregon lost to Arizona on the road in a major upset of 42-16. What made this loss sting most for Oregon was that Arizona was not even ranked. This caused Oregon to drop from number 5 to 13. Baylor also lost their game on the road at Oklahoma St 49-17. Baylor previously being ranked number 4 dropped down to 9, while Oklahoma St jumped from 10 to 7. Next week being rivalry week should produce some interesting games. Games I think you should keep your eye on are Alabama(1) at Auburn(4). Maybe someone will finally be able stop Alabama. Clemson(6) at South Carolina(10) may be interesting as well. Both teams have been doing quite well and should have an explosive battle next week. As always the UCLA(22) at USC(23) game will be a good one. UCLA suffered a loss this week at Arizona St(17) dropping them from 14 to 22. UCLA is going to be trying their hardest to beat their biggest rivalry and prove themselves on the road next week.

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