NFL Recaps Of Week 12


Article Written By: Chris Bickman

To all NFL fans out there, we are more than half way done with the 2013-2014 regular season of the NFL with just five games left remaining. Here’s a recap of all the NFL Teams that played in week 12!!

Bye week: Bills, Bengals, Eagles, Seahawks.

Saints 17 (9-2) at Falcons13 (2-9)

This game was played on a Thursday Night with a divisional showdown between the New Orleans Saints vs Alanta Falcons. The Saints and Drew Brees along with Rob Ryan and his players stifling defene won a nailbiter against their well known divsion rival Falcons, handing them their fifth consecutive loss, while the Saints continue their win streak to three games. However, Drew Brees and company look to prepare for possibly the biggest game next week of the regular season against the Seattle Seahawks. The winner of that game will take the No.1 spot through week 13.

Buccaneers 24 (3-8) at Lions 21 (6-5)

The Bucs went into Detroit with plenty of confidence after winning last week as they continued their win streak to three games defeating the lions with a late intercetion in the fourth quarter. The lions will now have to conitune their season this Thursday on Thanksgiving against their long known divisonal rival Green Bay Packers to keep the top spot in the NFC North divsion.

Vikings 26 (2-8-1) at Packers 26 (5-5-1)

With the Vikings having no shot at the playoffs, Adrian Peterson and company went into lambeau Field looking to ruin any chances of Green Bay making the playoffs. However, this game went all the way down to the wire in a OT thriller, leaving both teams with a Tie in their record to finish the game.

Chargers 41 (5-6) at Chiefs 38 (9-2)

Everyone assumed that with Kansas City’s loss last week against the High serging Broncons, The Chiefs would storm back with a win. The Chiefs thought wrong as they battled out a tough game against the division rival Chargers. However, Phillip Rivers was able to better Alex Smith in the fourth quarter this game as Rivers lead his team down the field with the game winning drive TD pass to WR S. Ajirotutu.

Panthers 20 (8-3) at Dolphins 16 (5-6)

Cam Newton does it again!! After leading his team last week with a win late in the game against the Patriots. Cam was able to work his magic once again late in the game against the struggling Dolphins. The Panthers continue their win streak to seven games as they continue to fight for top spot in the NFC South Divion.

Steelers 27 (5-6) at Browns 11 (4-7)

After a rough start for the Pittsburgh, The Steelers have fought their way back into playoff contention after defeating their divsional rival the Cleaveland Browns. The Steelers will look to prepare against the defending champ Ravens this Thanksgiving.

Jaguars 13 (2-9) at Texans 6 (2-9)

The Texans are having the worst season of their franchise as the Jaguars hand the Texans their ninth straight loss of the season.

Bears 21 (6-5) at Rams 42 (5-6)

This game was a much needed win for both Chicago and St. Louis. However, the Rams were able to cruise with the win over the Bears with another outstanding performance with their defense handing the Bears their worst loss of the season.

Jets 3 (5-6) at Ravens 19 (5-6)

After an impressive victory over the New Orleans Saints on week 9 in New York, Rex Ryan and his Jets have been on a roller coaster with their second consecutive loss of the season. If the Jets don’t find their motive in time, they will be watching the playoffs at home. As for the defending champ Ravens, they host their divisonal rival Steelers on Thankgiving this Thursday as they look to play for a playoff spot as well in the AFC.

Titans 23 (5-6) at Raiders 19 (4-7)

With the victory up at Bay Area, this win puts the Titans in the sixth spot of the wild card for the playoffs. However, as long the Titans continue to win their games, they should have no worries of losing the number sixth spot.

Colts 11 (7-4) at Cardinals 40 (7-4)

This was a huge blow for Andrew luck and his Colts after falling to the red hot cardinals in Arizona. However, with the colts loss and the Cardinals Win, the colts fall back to the third spot in the playoffs due to the Patriots win over the Broncons. while the Cardinals Keep their playoff hopes alive.

Cowboys 24 (6-5) at Giants 21 (4-7)

As everyone started to believe in the Giants remarkable comeback after starting the regular season 0-6 while capping off four straight victories. Tony Romo lead his team in the fourth quarter to set up his kicker Bailey to kick the game winning field goal. However, with this loss the Giants hopes of making the playoffs has nearly dissappeared. While the Cowboys reclaim the top spot in the NFC East. How bout dem Cowboys!!!!

Broncons 31 (9-2) at Patriots 34 (8-3)

This was the fourth-teenth time Brady and Manning have faced off each other. Moreover, the Broncons stormed into Fox boro with a stunning first half leading over the Pats 24-0. However, Tom Brady wasn’t going to let down without a fight. Brady lead his team all the way back with a win in an OT thriller scoring on five consecuetive possesions. Furthermore, this has to be the most devastating loss for the Broncons, as they had a chance to truly pull away from their division rival cheifs, as they now look to fight once again next week against them. Only this time the Broncos will face off in Arrowhead stadium.

49ers 27 (7-4) at Redskins 6 (3-8)

This was our Monday night game while the Niners came into the Nation’s Capitol with an easy win over the Redskins. That 1 to 2 punch with Colin Kaeparnick and Veron Davis was jus too much for the Skins to handle, let along the stifling defense of the Patrick Willis and pass rusher Aldon Smith. However, with the Niners victory, this win puts them back into the sixth spot of the NFC playoffs, winning the tie breaker over the Cardinals.

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  1. This article was rushed I can tell. It needs more detail. In my opinion, I feel like you should have more people writing about your weekly recaps of the nfl. I believe that with one person it can become challenging.

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