NFL Week 13 Top 10 Power Rankings

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Article Written By: Daniel Duryea


1) Seattle Seahawks- This team went into there bye week as arguably the best team in the NFC, better yet the best team in the NFL. For the most part, they have paved there way to holding the #1 seed come playoff time. Although the next 5 match ups aren’t going to be easy and you can argue the point of either team winning they play 3/5 games at Centurylink Field in Seattle where we know its one of the toughest places to come away with the W.

2) Denver Broncos- With a disappointing loss on Sunday after taking a 24-0 lead in the first half, I still have Denver taking the #1 seed in the AFC. I wouldn’t be all that concerned if I were a fan, the defense is surely coming together with 5 weeks to improve before we enter the postseason.

3) New Orleans Saints- This team just keeps finding a way to win and is really setting the stage for one of the most exciting months in the NFL playoff race. Battle tested and ready, with their elite players playing in top playoff caliber this could very well be your Super Bowl Champions…

4) Carolina Panthers- Woah, watch out here! I know some of you are scratching your head at this placement but this is well deserved. This team is as hot as any right now and their defense is playing out of this world. I am excited to see where this team is going and the bright future with this young talent. This team is not content with the #5 seed and they are aggressively coming for the Saints. These two teams will meet up in week 14, and 16 in which will decide whos going to have home field advantage in the playoffs.

5) Kansas City Chiefs- Not all things were bad this week in KC.. The team has proved they can compete in a shootout which is exactly what everyone has been scared about. Now on to the bad news.. Justin Houston and Tamba Hali both left the game with injuries and did not return. So far there hasn’t been much of an update on the status of Justin Houston as he was told not to talk when approached by media. Hali was sent for an MRI to confirm the injury, and as reported by coach Reid he was correct in his original diagnosis of a “slight ankle sprain”.

6) New England Patriots- After a disappointing first half this week, they go into the locker room down 24-0. Id like to know what “The Hoodie” said because the Patriots came out a totally different team. This wasn’t the most impressive win, but a win is a win and they are very hard to come by in the NFL. With the chemistry between Brady and his receiving core building, this could be a hot team to look for come Jan.

7) Arizona Cardinals- Who in the world would have guessed? I can tell you one thing, this defense is for real. This team has proved they can tango with the best early on this season with wins over Carolina and Detroit, but this weeks DOMINATING performance over the Colts put a solid staple into my beliefs.

8) Cincinnati Bengals- Unless this team completely falls apart in the next 5 weeks we can expect them to be crowned the AFC North Division Champs. With two of the next 5 games being divisional opponents, and a two game lead in the division they are in control of there destiny.

9) San Francisco 49ers- This has been an up and down season for Harbaugh and Co. which is why you are finding the defending NFC Champions so low on this list.  Monday nights win was desperately needed, and the defensive dominance was what we have been looking for all season, lets not forget who they were playing though.

10) Indianapolis Colts- This team is slipping away, and is soon to find themselves off the top ten with performances like this past weekend. Inconsistent is the definition of Indianapolis right now.

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