Final BCS Standings Of The Season, Seminoles Lead The Pack

Article Written By: Justin Pollock

This is how the final BCS standings look and this sets up a battle between No.1 Florida State Seminoles and No. 2 Auburn Tigers for the National Championship Game.

Official BCS Standings on the right my predictions on left:

  1. Florida State Florida State
  2. Auburn Auburn
  3. Alabama  Alabama
  4. Michigan State Stanford
  5. Stanford Michigan State
  6. Baylor Baylor
  7. Ohio State South Carolina
  8. Missouri Ohio State
  9. South Carolina Missouri
  10. Oregon Oregon
  11. Oklahoma Clemson
  12. Clemson Oklahoma
  13. Oklahoma state Oklahoma State
  14. Arizona State LSU
  15. UCF Arizona State
  16. LSU UCF
  18. Louisville Louisville
  19. Wisconsin Texas A&M
  20. Fresno State Wisconsin
  21. Texas A&M Fresno State
  22. Georgia Georgia
  23. Northern Illinois Notre Dame
  24. Duke Northern Illinois
  25. USC Duke

As you can see from above, I went 9-25 in my predictions for the last BCS standing.

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