Is This the Sharks Year to Get Over the Playoff Hump?

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Article Written By: Martin Lee

The San José Sharks are the Dallas Cowboys of the playoffs, they always seem to have a good regular seasons and they are talked of being a team to beat in the playoffs, but when the playoffs start they always seem to make it past the first round but that’s all they can do, they always fail in the second round.

The Sharks are lead by Captain Joe Thornton who is a guy that is a great leader in the locker room that has a big body and can score goals, but he is mainly known for setting up people to get goals ever since he came to the Sharks from the Bruins. He has changed the Sharks drastically, he has a good team beside him that can make the playoffs, win the cup and bring it back to San José.

The biggest problem in San José is the goaltending nemi is a good little goalie, but he is not a goalie that is going to bring the sharks a Stanley Cup. They need to trade him and get a younger goalie that can lead them to the playoffs and to a long playoff run all the way to the cup finals.

This year the Sharks are having a good season, but we all know what happens every time they have a good season. They always seem to crash, burn, and choke in the playoffs. They need to look at their team and figure out how and why do they keep on choking in the playoffs and how they can fix it.

Logan Couture is one of the best young players in the league. If the Sharks are ever going to rebuild that would be a guy that would be a franchise player. He can be good on the power play, he has good speed and a good shot. I would love to have this guy if I was starting a hockey franchise.

The GM of the Sharks has to think if they don’t make a long playoff run then maybe it’s time to start over and trade the older players like Joe Thornton. Start rebuilding from scratch and just make trades for first round picks and start all over again.

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