A Marvelous Fight

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Article Written By: Oscar Quinones

Miguel Cotto (38-0) has declined to fight Golden Boys super star Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and will instead be fighting the WBC middleweight champion ,Sergio “Maravilla Martinez (51-2-2), on June 8th. Both boxers are coming from victories, Cotto a third round TKO over Delvin Rodriguez and Martinez a unanimous decision over Martin Murry in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Miguel Cotto is coming from a very strong come back after leaving his former trainer Pedro Diaz and switching to Freddie Roach. Cotto’s third round TKO proved that he is not a finished fighter and still has what it takes to come back as champion fighter. Martinez on the other hand is coming back from a hand injury and a knee surgery. Martinez’ last fight against Murry proved to be harder for “Maravilla” than what everybody expected it to be. Martinez looked more ridiculous trying to show off for a soccer staduim filled with his native people, while Murry actually gave many strong punches that had Maravilla worried at times.

Characteristics that both fighters have is that they both have incredible speed and both can be agreesive fighters but at the same time be great counter punches. The main factory that would favor Sergio Martinez is that at his age he has amazing stamina and seems to get better with each round that passes. On the other, “Maravilla’s” flaw is that he has suffered many injuries throught his career and is coming back from knee surgery that could slow down Sergio. Cotto could use this to his advantage and concrete major combinations that could lead him to another KO or a decision victory.

What ever the out come may be, we can all agree that this fight is going to be a mega match up. Both fighters are powerful punches and have amazing speed which could give the advantage to any of the two fighters. Cotto has nothing to lose and a lot to gain, while Sergio has much more to lose and very little to gain.

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