Week 16 Playoff Studs

Photo provided by Jostens

Photo provided by Jostens

Article Written By: Damian Gonzalez

Week 2 of the fantasy football playoffs are here and these are some players you might want to play.


3. Kirk Cousins Washington Redskins

Cousins will be starting for the second week, he will be playing the Cowboys who have given up 63 fantasy points and 8 TDs in the last 2 games. They have struggled all year in pass defense and Cousins has potential to have a huge game.

2. Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals

Dalton and the Bengals need a win and going up against a Vikings defense that has allowed a touchdown and 200+ yards every game, Dalton will be looking to take control and score.

1. Peyton Manning Denver Broncos

Peyton will be facing a Texans defense that has allowed 2 touchdowns in 6 of their last 7 games. Manning is always a dominant QB and he will put up a lot more fantasy points than last week.


3. Alfred Morris Washington Redskins

Alfred Morris had a decent game last week except for his 2 fumbles. Although Morris has struggled in a few of his recent weeks, this week he is facing the Cowboys which have allowed 120+ yards in 7 of their last 8 games.

2. Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs

Charles will always put on a show and this week he will be going against a Colts team that has had trouble stopping the run all year giving RBs double digit fantasy points all season long. They have also allowed 100+ yards in all their games since their bye.

1. DeMarco Murray Dallas Cowboys

Murray’s match up this week is the Redskins, they have been struggling more than the Cowboys in rushing defense allowing 1+ rushing touchdowns in all games this season other than 3 games. The Redskins have allowed RBs to get in double digit fantasy points all year except one game.


3. Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears

Jeffery has 4 touchdowns in 3 games, facing a Eagles team that gives up monster numbers to WRs Jeffery should have a big game also considering Cutler has more success throwing to Jeffery instead of Marshall.

2. Antonio Brown Pittsburgh Steelers

On paper Brown has a great match up going against the Packers who have allowed 5 TDs in 3 games and 11 TDs in a 7 game span. Brown is the Steelers main weapon and should have a BIG game.

1. A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals

I have A.J. Green on here for the same reason I have Dalton. Vikings struggle against the pass, giving up a touchdown to receivers in every game since week 2. Also because Green is number 2 in the NFL in targets with 157.


3. Jimmy Graham New Orleans Saints

Although Graham had a bad last week, he has only had  bad back to back games once this year. The Panthers, which Graham is facing, gave up 17 fantasy points just 2 weeks ago to Graham. Look for Graham to have the same success.

2.Tony Gonzalez Atlanta Falcons

Even though the future hall of famer has been inconsistent this year, he is facing the 49ers who allowed 28 fantasy points in their previous 2 games. Another reason he is my number 2 is that he has 1 touchdown in his previous 3 games, he is also the most targeted TE in the NFL.

1.Vernon Davis San Fransisco 49ers

Besides being the fastest tight end, Davis is number 1 because he has 6 touchdowns in 7 games and 12 touchdowns all year. Davis is facing the Falcons which have allowed 10 TE touchdowns this year and have also allowed 7 TEs to go for 50+.

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