Will Jay Cutler Wear a New Uniform for the 2014 NFL Season?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Article Written By: Julian Beck 

Jay Cutler‘s performance on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers will be one of the biggest games in his career. It will decided if the Bears win the NFC North or be eliminated from playoff contention. It may play a role in whether Cutler will continue his career in Chicago. And it could help decide how much his next contract will be worth. In many ways, though, the Cutler of 2013 is different from the Cutler of previous years. By all accounts, he has blended in well with a new coaching staff and a new system. He has found ways to take advantage of new weapons. And he has helped his blockers by getting rid of the football more expeditiously. New head coach Mark Trestman really likes and trust Cutler. After missing 4 games due to an ankle sprain Trestman went back to Jay after McCown and the offense were having a sensational run.

Cutler is a big arm quarterback. He trust his arm like no other QB in the league, by forcing balls into tight spots. It pays off a good amount of time for him but when it doesn’t then it goes bad, turning into interceptions. Cutler is known for throwing a lot of interceptions in a season and it aggravates many fans and even coaches at times. But when Cutler is on his game he is a top tear quarterback in the league. His big arm has been the reason for many wins and making 2 wide receivers house hold names, Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. Cutler can be a franchise QB if in the right situation. At season end Jay Cutler will become a free agent and many teams will be interested in him. Jay is able to turn an offense around. Many teams need a quarterback in the NFL at the moment; Vikings, Jaguars, Raiders, Titans, Jets, Browns and the Texans.

The Bears have a great backup in Luke McCown. He plays very well in the Trestman system and will be cheaper then Cutler. Chicago may put their trust in Luke and let Jay walk via free agency. Now lets see which teams will suit Cutler the best.

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota has a very dynamic offense, even after they traded away Percy Harvin. Cordarrelle Patterson replaced Percy and has done a phenomenal job. He is a threat in the return game, has great hands, and is dangerous with the ball in his hand. Patterson has made many big plays this season, and it looks easy to him. Greg Jennings is the veteran receiver that shines in the middle of the field, makes physicals plays, and is a great possession receiver. He will become Cutlers favorite target and will turn his career around after leaving Green Bay. Kyle Rudolf is a solid tight end that is a great security blanket. Will be a typical tight end weapon in a Jay Cutler system, will only be used if nothing is open. But with Adrian Peterson in the back field, the passing game will open up a lot and will give Jay good protection and help with his decision making. If the Vikings don’t want to risk picking a franchise quarterback in the draft, Jay Cuter makes a whole lot of sense.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have the right coaching staff to turn this franchise around. Gus Bradley is a great head coach. Many experts didn’t think they would win one game since they have the less amount of talent in the league, but Gus proved us all wrong and has won 4 games. The team looked great in those 4 wins also, looking dominate on the defensive side of the ball, and moving the chains on the offensive side of it. Jacksonville have weapons on the offensive side of the ball that may catch his attention. Cecil Shorts is a deep threat that can score on any play. Has great hands and is very reliable when called upon. Justin Blackmon is a monster when he is on the field. Justin is sure-handed and plays some of the most physical football at the wide out position. He isn’t afraid to make plays in the middle of the field either. Blackmon will get 15 targets or more per game if Cutler landed on his team.

Tennessee Titans 

The Titans are just missing consistent play from a quarterback and this team can become dangerous. They have a solid defense and a young offense that needs a veteran under center. Tennessee have good receivers in Kendell Wright, Nate Washington and Justin Hunter. Kenny Britt is done with the Titan once the season is over. Such a shame cause he has the tools and size to become a threat in the NFL. Wright will be Cutlers main target, has some of the best hands in the NFL and isn’t afraid to be physical. Nate Washington is the deep threat that also becomes the go to receiver when it comes to crunch time in a game. Justin Hunter is the speedster that trys to out run his defender and make big plays. With these 3 as the young core of the offense anything is possible. Can’t forget about Delanine Walker either. Walker is a great tight end that also blocks very well. When he gets the targets he catches most of them and turns that into positive plays. Chris Johnson may also be a big play into reeling Jay Cutler in. CJ2K is one of the fastest players in the league and when he makes big plays everyone knows about it. He hasn’t been able to get it going since Matt Hasselbeck left. The defenses load up the box against him. With Cutler under center they will have to focus on the pass more and open up the run game.


Jay Cutler will have great success with the Minnesota Vikings. They have a great core on the offense; Petterson, Jennings, and Patterson, once you add Jay Cutler to that arsenal this team becomes a playoff contender. Adrian Petterson will open up the passing game for Cutler, and Cutler will open up the running game for Adrian. Once those 2 things have balance this offense can put up scary numbers. Cutler will just have to trust his receivers more then his arm and cut down on this turnovers.

Where do you all believe Cutler will sign? Leave your answers in the comment section.

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