Three Headed Monster On The Way To Sochi


Article Written By: Adam Wible

The U.S. Olympic Committee has announced that 2010 star goaltender, Ryan Miller, will head the monster that is Team USA goaltending.

It isn’t much of a surprise considering the injury status of world class goalies, Jonathan Quick (Kings) and Jimmy Howard (Red Wings).  Miller put on a show in his first start following the announcement that he will lead Team USA into Sochi. With the Washington Capitals in town for a Sunday afternoon matinée, Miller knew he would be facing one of the best offensive players in the game in Ovechkin.

“They’re a skilled team. They get open. I just tried to keep myself in the crease a little more, waiting for those passes to happen,” Miller said. “It was just one of those nights where I could read it and it ended up working out for me most of the time.”

And that’s exactly what Ryan Miller did, facing his most shots against all season, 50.  Miller was superb facing 15+ shots each period, killing off five penalties, and stunning the powerful shootout lineup in 6 rounds.  Sabres Captain Steve Ott spoke highly of Miller, “The team didn’t steal the game, Ryan Miller stole that game for us,” Ott said, “that’s the difference is how world-class he was tonight.”

Miller was poised all night and showed exactly how dominant he can be, playing for the worst team in the NHL.  Given the all-star lineup Team USA is sending to Sochi, Miller should do quite well.

Miller has plenty of international experience, being on the past two olympic teams and world junior team USA, when he was coming up through the NHL ranks.

Backing up Miller in Russia will be Jonathan Quick and Jimmy Howard. Team USA will use Miller predominately over the course of the Olympics barring any setbacks. Jonathan Quick hasn’t played since November 15th, but thats no concern for the USOC. Quick has showed over the past two seasons that he is one of a few elite goaltenders in the U.S.

If Quick isn’t fully healthy come Sochi, Jimmy Howard will be the #2 in the net.  Jimmy has a plethora of international experience, being apart of Team USA World Junior teams and Team USA in the World Championships.

Team USA is going all in with Ryan Miller, and is seeking its first Gold Medal since 1980.

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