Braves Legends and Big Hurt are in the Hall!

Article Written By: Manny Alcala

AP photo/File

AP photo/File

The final results of the voting for the Hall of Fame inductees were finally given earlier today. There were no surprises as the three first time ballot players Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas all got enough votes to get into the Hall of Fame. Many fans and experts had stated that these three ballplayers were “slam dunks” in the ballot and would get inducted easily, and they were right!

Here is the list of players on the 2014 ballot and the percentage of votes they got:
(75% needed to get in the Hall of Fame, at least 5% needed to stay on the ballot for next year.)

Greg Maddux 97.2
Tom Glavine 91.9
Frank Thomas 83.7
Craig Biggio 74.8
Mike Piazza 62.2
Jack Morris 61.5
Jeff Bagwell 54.3
Tim Raines 46.1
Roger Clemens 35.4
Barry Bonds 34.7
Lee Smith 29.9
Curt Schilling 29.2
Edgar Martinez 25.2
Allen Trammell 20.8
Mike Mussina 20.3
Jeff Kent 15.2
Fred McGriff 11.7
Mark McGwire 11.0
Larry Walker 10.2
Don Mattingly 8.2
Sammy Sosa 7.2
Rafael Palmeiro 4.4
Moises Alou 1.1
Hideo Nomo 1.1
Luis Gonzalez 0.9
Eric Gagne 0.4
J.T. Snow 0.4
Armando Benitez 0.2
Jacque Jones 0.2
Kenny Rogers 0.2
Sean Casey 0.0
Ray Durham 0.0
Todd Jones 0.0
Paul Lo Duca 0.0
Richie Sexson 0.0
Mike Timlin 0.0

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While Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas got 97.2%, 91.9%, and 83.7% respectively, a couple things that stood out from the ballot were that Craig Biggio earned 74.8% of the vote, leaving him only two votes shy of also being inducted into the hall this year. Also starting pitcher Jack Morris saw his last eligible year on the ballot gaining only 61.5% of the votes. Jack entered this ballot for a 15th straight year, the max number of years a player can stay on the ballot.

Throughout the day there has been a couple of tweets that have been going viral. These include reactions of Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine after they heard they were inducted into the hall of fame.

A happy Big Hurt after hearing the good news.

Glavine showing that stare he gave opposing hitters when he pitched while he received his call.

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