Olympic Hockey: Russia, Canada, and the United States

Article Provided By: FanDuel.com

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The NHL is preparing to take an Olympic break at the beginning of February, as the top teams in the world will go for the gold. While fantasy hockey owners are simply hoping that their best players do not get injured, there is a lot of pride on the line from the top countries. So which four teams have the best shot at a title?

It all starts with the host country Russia, as they have some of the top fantasy hockey players in the NHL on their roster. Guys such as Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin are household names, and they will be extremely motivated after a disappointing 2010. As long as Semyon Varlamov controls the goal, they will be a tough out.

The last host country, Canada, is looking to come back and do it all over again in 2014. Canada will run out the top fantasy hockey player in the NHL in Sidney Crosby, not to mention a number of other talented players. While Crosby will be a leader, he will get plenty of help from guys such as Rick Nash, Jonathan Toews and John Tavares. Expect them to be the early favorites heading into the competition.

Fans from the United States would love to get Canada on neutral ice, as they are still disappointed with their finish in 2010. Their star power is not as nice as Russia or Canada, but they still have some nice talent. Ryan Miller played excellent in goal back in 2010, so if he can repeat his work there, Team USA will have a legitimate shot to medal, and possibly land the gold.

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