AOSN Staff Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions

Article Written By: Alexandro Zatarain

Photo by the NFL

Photo by the NFL

Today is the day that we have all been waiting for since the end of last year’s Super Bowl. Question is, who has the best shot at winning? After asking our staff, our picks may surprise you.

Also, feel free to vote for your pick on the poll at the bottom of the page!

Alexandro H. Zatarain

Pick: Seahawks, 27-24

Why?: Though Manning has many weapons, look for Seattle’s defense to play with Manning’s head, leaving no true apparent signs of what they have coming at him.

MVP: Russell Wilson

Adam Wible

Pick: Seahawks, 31-27

Why?: Seahawks defense will keep them in it all game long. Running game will keep the Broncos on edge.

MVP: Marshawn Lynch

Martin Lee

Pick: Broncos, 30-20

Why?: Broncos offense has to pass the ball all game long, look for holes in the defense for a big run.

MVP: Peyton Manning

Manny Alcala

Pick: Broncos, 27-20

Why?: Peyton Manning. He’s due.

MVP: Peyton Manning

Note: Manny is the only member to pick the Broncos as the eventual winners before the playoffs started.

Andre Datyelian

Pick: Seahawks, 28-24

Why?: Seattle’s secondary physical play will shut down both Thomas’.

MVP: Russell Wilson, because he will run all over the Broncos D since they will probably focus in on Lynch.

Chris Caraveo

Pick: Seahawks, 27-24

Why?: Seahawks defense is for real, Peyton and the offense won’t be able to navigate the field easily.

MVP: Marshawn Lynch

Damian Gonzalez

Pick: Seahawks, 20-17

Why?: Seattle’s secondary is probably the strongest in the NFL.

MVP: Earl Thomas, with 2 Ints and 1 for a TD.

Julian Beck

Pick: Seahawks, 20-14

Why?: The Seahawks defense is very physical and should be able to put pressure on Manning.

MVP: Marshawn Lynch

There you have it. 8 total picks. 6 for Seattle, 2 for Denver. We will now just have to wait and see what the results are later tonight. Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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