Google Makes Their Stance Known Against Russian Anti-Gay Law

Article Written By: Damaris Zatarain


As most of you have probably noticed by now, Google has made the homepage doodle the one shown above. Okay, cool, it’s representing the Olympics. Now on to searching for what you want. What you might not have realized is that Google made that design to represent how they feel about Russia’s anti-gay laws. Obviously they believe that it was not a good decision for Russia to make before the Olympics, so they make a picture with the colors of the rainbow and individual winter Olympic sports athletes inside each color.

This is a big deal. Why? Most of the world uses Google to search the Internet. This search engine doesn’t normally announce its opinion on any public event, but in this case they made it blatantly shown on their homepage.

But that isn’t all, Google not only put it on its search engine for the United States and other pro-gay countries, but they also put it on, the search engine used for any Russian looking things up on the internet. Even the government. This is a huge slap in the face to any Russians who believe that gays should have no rights in that country.

There are a few questions raised because of this. Why is Google suddenly going into politics? What will the Russian government have to say on this? Should the athletes really care about what gay people can and cannot do in Russia? They are there to compete, not to become involved with the law and potentially getting disqualified.

One thought on “Google Makes Their Stance Known Against Russian Anti-Gay Law

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