2014 Early Fantasy Football Top-20 Rankings: QB Edition

Article Written By: Andre Datyelian

With the Super bowl done, I decided to share this early look at my rankings for next season season. Whether you’re in a dynasty league looking to make moves, in a very early re-draft league, or just studying early to be ahead of your opponents, this list should help you.

Pending any injuries, this should be an accurate list of rankings.

2014 QB Rankings

Peyton Manning Coming off a historic season, he still has motivation to put up big numbers after losing this last Super bowl.
Aaron Rodgers Despite most likely losing James Jones and Jermichael Finley, he is still the best QB in the league. Plus a returning Cobb and strong run game will open the field more for him.
Drew Brees Same system, coach, and Jimmy Graham will keep him consistent like last year.
Cam Newton He is the Panthers main source of offense although an addition of a real number one wide receiver can put him over the hump since Steve Smith is old and probably retiring next year.
Andrew Luck He continues to improve, has solid running skills and could possibly end up the number one fantasy QB next year.
Nick Foles Didn’t play a full season and still ended with ridiculously strong numbers. In this season, he could be a top-5 QB if he stays healthy.
Matthew Stafford With the addition of Jim Caldwell, his numbers should become more efficient. By the way, he still has Calvin Johnson.
Matt Ryan With returning receivers, Julio Jones and Roddy White, his numbers should return back to his 2012 numbers. Try to forget about Atlanta’s past season when drafting Ryan.
Colin Kaepernick With his full set of weapons, expect Kap to put up the numbers he was putting up during these playoffs. It also seems like he’s free to run again instead of handing the ball off all game.
Russell Wilson He may have won the Super Bowl, but it wasn’t all him. He ended the season struggling on offense or didn’t have to do much because the Seahawks defense controlled the game. Although he’s had games with clutch throws and amazing plays on the offensive end, his legs keep him this high on the list.
Philip Rivers After the coaching change to Mike McCoy and his high powered offensive coaching, plus his new wingman in Keenan Allen, you can expect another solid season.
Tony Romo You always get the same thing with Romo, yet everyone underrates him in fantasy just because he’s not the best “real life” QB. He still has the monster WR in Dez and if Terrance Williams develops, that’s another great weapon.
Robert Griffin III With Griffin getting his health back and the addition of Gruden a passing coach, he should be a threat with both his legs and arm.
Tom Brady It is a shame to see one of the greatest of all time to be this low on the list but truth is Gronk has reached that injury prone label and besides Edelman, they have no other proven receiver. He needs more weapons than anybody, especially if Gronk stays injured for a while.
Andy Dalton He was a product of Jay Gruden but with him gone, his offense will probably turn to the run more, expect a drop off in production.
Jay Cutler With the amount of weapons he has on offense with Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, and Matt Forte, plus his coach, expect a big increase in his workload.
Ben Roethlisberger He seems to be a top-12 QB every season, even despite all the struggles he has with his team in reality. The defense seems to be getting worse every year, making it fit he throws the ball a lot.
Eli Manning After last years terrible season, expect an improvement, especially since firing their OC that gave Eli one of his worst seasons.
Ryan Tannehill He’s nothing more than a QB 2 with some upside. He put up decent numbers last year but pairs him up with another QB 2 if you draft him just for precautions.
Carson Palmer Palmer put up a career high in yards. He will probably put up similar numbers this year but if he finishes off more drives with passing touchdowns he could be another QB 2 with some upside.

A lot of things can change through the draft or off-season moves, but for right now, these are how the QB’s rank for me. I don’t suggest using a first round draft picks on any of these.

Tune in soon for my Running Back’s rankings.

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