Balotelli and Marcelo; Victims of Racial Abuse

Article Written By: Omar Fernandez

It has been a dark week in the world of European football. Two big players were the targets of racial insults. FIFA should really take into consideration of how serious this issue has escalated to. The AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli, has been a main victim of racial abuse for being a black Italian. The abuse greatly increased ever since his transfer from Manchester City to the Serie A. During Saturdays match against Napoli, he was subbed out in the 73rd minute for Giampaolo Pazzini. As always, he received verbal abuse from the fans who attended the match. After taking a seat in the bench, he was spotted crying. He later then covered his face with his jacket to prevent others from seeing him. It is believed that those tears were a sign that all the abuse he faces during every game is affecting him in some way. No player should ever face any form of abuse. Reports also say that after a DNA test that he recently took, it was proven that he is the father of his ex-girlfriend’s one year old daughter. The tears on the pitch may be due to more than just the abuse he faces on the pitch.

Another victim of racial abuse earlier this week was Real Madrid’s Left Back, Marcelo. After their 3-0 victory against Atletico Madrid in the Copa Del Rey, they went back onto the field for a cool down. During the cool down, Marcelo was the target for monkey chants from the Atletico Madrid fans that were still in the stadium. “Eres un mono, Marcelo eres un mono,” was what everyone heard being chanted in the stadium. Those chants to them would traduce to the monkey chants. A little bit after the monkey chants began, a young boy who turned out to be his son, was the next target for the Atletico fans. Chants consisted of, “He isn’t you father, we hope your father dies.” A few days later though, Marcelo tweeted, “I want to thank all of you for the support you have given me today. And even though this is not the first time it happens I can promise you that we are stronger than any kind of racism. This will never affect me or my family.” A humble response by Marcelo addressing the Racist comments he has received throughout his career with Real Madrid.

There have been other victims in La Liga as well with Samuel Eto’o threatening to leave the pitch during a match against Zaragoza in his time being a Barcelona player. Daniel Alves has also been a victim of the monkey chants. These cases should have FIFA on their toes on how to address this matter and how to properly deal with it so this racial abuse can finally end.

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