UFC’s Olympian vs Olympian

Article Written By: Dillon Nelson

Photo by Esther Lin for MMAFighting.com

Photo by Esther Lin for MMAFighting.com

Just two months after another successful title defense, Ronda Rousey will put it all back on the line when she faces a fellow Olympian in Sarah McMann.

On February 22nd at UFC 170, Sara McMann gets a chance to try and take what no one could do before her. This is a lot of pressure for any fighter, but these two ladies have been where very few fighters have been before, being the Olympics. Sara was a silver medalist at the 2004 Olympics in freestyle wrestling, while her counterpart, Ronda Rousey, won bronze in Judoka at the 2008 games in Beijing, China.

Rousey has a lot of confidence going into this fight after beating Miesha Tate just two months ago. With her fights being so close together, she feels her conditioning will be amazing. She had said, “I love fighting girls like Sara, I always train and rise to my opponents level. With her being an Olympian, you know she will bring it.”

McMann is just as confident, claiming that Rousey is just another opponent. She has been to the biggest stage in the world, the pressure of fighting in the UFC, though high, is nothing compared to that of the Olympics.

Both fighters are coming into this fight undefeated. Rousey has an impressive 8 wins, all by arm bar. McMann has 7 wins with finishes by submission and decisions. In this fight, we should see a whole new level of skill in women’s MMA by both ladies. In the end, who will take home the gold?

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