Ultimate Finale 18: Diaz VS Maynard


Article Written By: Dillon Nelson

After 18 seasons the Ultimate Fighter is still going strong. This is the first time in UFC history that there have been female contestants and coaches as well. With Misha Tate on one side and UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey on the other it was a drama-filled season for sure.

The first contract fight of the night held Chris Holdsworth facing Davey Grant. It was a very back and fourth battle with Grant catching Holdsworth in the opening minutes, forcing Holdsworth to clinch. Most of the fight stayed this way, with Holdsworth attempting several times for a takedown, but in the end being stuffed by Grant. The second round started as Holdsworth caught Grant with a head kick allowing him to get the takedown. Holdsworth maneuvered to Grant’s back locking in a Rear Naked Choke, forcing Grant to tap out.

The first ever female finale featured Julianna Pena against Jessica Rakoczy. Pena came out like a woman on a mission, immediately throwing Rakoczy against the cage then to the mat. Rakoczy tried everything she could to hold Pena in close to get the stand up but to no avail. Pena took top mount and used some mean ground and pound. With less then 10 seconds left in the round Julianna unleashed everything she had forcing official Mario Yamasaki to stop the fight due to TKO. This marks Julianna Pena as the first ever Women’s Ultimate Fighter winner.

The main event of the evening placed Nate Diaz against Gray “The Bully” Maynard. This is the third time these two have met in the cage. The first time, Diaz caught Maynard in a guillotine choke, the second meeting Maynard took a very controversial win by decision. The first round saw Diaz using his jab early swelling up Maynards face quickly, Maynard was able to get a takedown but Diaz stood right back up. Diaz really started to pick him apart with punches as Maynard attempted the takedown a few more times before Diaz caught him with a stiff left hand dazing The Bully, Diaz smelling blood finished Maynard off knocking him out on his feet. The ref finally stepping in while Diaz blasted him over and over followed by Maynard crashing to the floor.

It was a very eventful night of fights. In less then a month the coaches from this season will face off for the women’s title. Will Ronda retain the title and beat Tate for the second time, or will Misha have her revenge and take the title away?

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