The Comeback Kid

Provided by ESPN, Photo by Nick Laham "Power Punch"

Provided by ESPN, Photo by Nick Laham
“Power Punch”

Article Written By: Oscar Quinones

On November 5th Canelo Alvarez began circulating amongst the media again after Golden Boy Promotions offered Miguel Cotto a 10 million dollar deal to fight the defeated Mexican Fighter Canelo Alvarez. After his first loss against pound for pound super star Floyd Mayweather, many began doubting Canelo’s ability. Even before the fight, many boxing anylist from ESPN Deportes and even the great Julio Ceasar Chavez doubted if the young Mexican fighter was ready for such a diffuicult fight and if Golden Boy Promotions had thrown him in too early against such a skilled opponent. All the speculation began to come true as the fight went on and eventually Canelo’s perfect record was lost.

Now Canelo Alvarez is ready and hungry to come back to the spot light, but many are doubting if Miguel Cotto will take the offer. Miguel Cotto has the option to fight Canelo and collect a huge sum of cash, or he can move up in weight and fight the WBC Middleweight champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez. If Cotto were to take the Alvarez fight many believe that it would be a Canelo vs. Mayweather replay. The key factor of the fight in Cotto’s favor would be experience vs lack of experience and the fact that Miguel Cotto is coming back from a third round TKO victory over Delvin Rodriguez. If it were to play out this way where Cotto takes the fight and gets the win over Canelo, a comeback would be very difficult for Canelo Alvarez.

Canelo, on the other hand has tasted defeat for the first time and that can be the key factor to pull an upset over Cotto. The fact that he is younger, faster, stronger and is hungry for a victory can make him the better fight and could lead him back into the spotlight and lead him to much greater oppnents.

But what if Cotto takes the Martinez fight, then what is Canelo to do? Well there is always another chance to get Canelo and Ortiz to fight. The first time they had scheduled the fight, Ortiz broke his jaw costing him the Canelo fight. Ortiz is coming back from a 18 month layoff and has his first bout is on January 30 versus Luis Collazo, after this Ortiz can be on Canelo’s radar. There is also Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo who is also coming back from a loss.

The young Mexican fighter has many options to pick from and a comback from him is very anticipated. Although he suffered his first loss he is a young skillful fighter that will surely become a great pound for pound fighter in the near future.

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