Less Than Impressive Return

Danny Moloshok / Associated Press / December 8, 2013

Danny Moloshok / Associated Press / December 8, 2013

Article Written By: Alexandro H. Zatarain

With the epic “Imperial March” playing in the background, Kobe Bryant made his return. Then, once Kobe scored his first points, the excitement was all over as the Toronto Raptors played spoiler in the return of the Black Mamba.

Bryant played a few more minutes than I anticipated, 27:56 to be exact. In that span, he played facilitator, accounting for 9 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists in the 94-106 loss to the Raptors. The one stat that stood out the most? His total of 8 turnovers. Before I move forward, don’t think I’m bashing on the Laker great.

It was a tough and emotional game for Lakers fans everywhere, but let’s be realistic. This was the type of game expected after having him come back after such an injury. Expecting more is only natural, especially for you die hard fans, but it also didn’t help that the team wasn’t clicking.

Let’s take a step back though. With Kobe returning, the chemistry of the team will be a little off, so this loss wasn’t odd at all. Also, being so excited and into the moment, could be emotionally and physically draining for members on a team. So, Lakers fans, don’t be disappointed. Take this as just a small frame of the bigger picture. Patience brings good things.

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