Top Moves of the MLB Winter Meetings

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Article Written By: Manny Alcala

Just a week ago all MLB fans were on the lookout to see what transactions were being made during this year’s MLB Winter Meetings that took place in Walt Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin hotel. Now that the meetings are over, we look back to see which were the better trades, who were the teams most benefited, and what surprised us the most. There was a number of trades that happened, but in my opinion there was many efficient trades that didn’t get enough attention because those trades didn’t involve superstars. Sometimes the smaller trades involve players that are pieces to complete the puzzle and make a team championship-caliber. Don’t worry though, there was also huge trades that changed teams completely. Overall there was a little of everything during the Winter Meetings. Here are the most notable trades that went down:

Blockbuster trade:

Diamondbacks acquire OF/1B Mark Trumbo and two players to be named later (A.J. Schugel and Brandon Jacobs) in exchange for LHP Tyler Skaggs and OF Adam Eaton.

Angels acquire Tyler Skaggs and LHP Hector Santiago for Mark Trumbo and A.J. Schugel.

White Sox acquire Adam Eaton in exchange for Hector Santiago and Brandon Jacobs.

This was clearly the biggest trade that happened during the meetings, the D-Backs got a power bat with Trumbo and have created a great combo of their 3-hole and 4-hole hitters with last years MVP candidate Paul Goldschmidt and now Mark Trumbo. Only question now is how will Trumbo play defense in the spacious outfield of Chase Field as he has mostly played first base, but Goldschmidt won’t be moving from his position, so the outfield is destined for Trumbo. In the few games Trumbo has played in the outfield he hasn’t looked very mobile, the D-Backs are hoping he gets better with more consistency.

The Angels traded one of their strengths (outfielders) to acquire one of their weaknesses (starting pitching). With the additions of Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago the Angels add two pitchers that will go directly into their rotation. Both of these young pitchers have not had tons of success in the big leagues yet, but they do have plenty of potential to be great major league pitchers. Also with the addition of these two southpaws and C.J. Wilson in the rotation, the Angels will have a unique and rare rotation with three left-handed starting pitchers, so they are hoping that Skaggs and Santiago pan out.

The White Sox added Adam Eaton to their team. Eaton was the odd man out in the overload of outfielders that Arizona had. He mostly served as a back-up with the D-Backs and if you combine that with his affordable contract, the White Sox were willing to take a chance with Eaton and make him a full time player.

Morrison’s possible breakout:

Mariners acquire 1B/DH Logan Morrison in exchange for right handed pitcher Carter Capps.

With the recent signing of Robinson Cano the Mariners wanted to make sure that he has more protection, so they went out and got LoMo. Morrison may only be a career .249 hitter, but he has played all his young career with the Marlins, a team that has had terrible losing seasons. Maybe all that Logan needs is a change of scenery, plus now that the Mariners have Cano and Corey Hart in the lineup, he will get good pitches to hit.

Left handed potential:

Rockies acquire left handed pitcher Brett Anderson and $2MM in exchange for left handed pitcher Drew Pomeranz and right handed pitcher Chris Jensen.

Both Brett Anderson and Drew Pomeranz were promising prospects at some point in their careers. Anderson has shown flashes of how dominating he could be, but he hasn’t put it together in a season to make him stand out. Meanwhile, Drew Pomeranz has been pitching in Coors Field in his first three seasons. Some may use that as an excuse for Pomeranz as Coors Field is a batters best friend. This is a nice low risk-high reward trade for both teams and for both pitchers.

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